The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation!

We are thrilled to announce that, as of the 16th September 2019, the Faculty of Clinical Informatics is a registered charity as granted by the Charity Commission and therefore a fully independent organisation.

The Faculty has the following charitable objects:

To advance the health of the public, in particular, but not exclusively, through the following:

  1. the development and monitoring of professional standards in clinical informatics;
  2. the provision of education and training to clinicians;
  3. the provision of guidance on the commissioning, design, development and delivery of health and care information systems;
  4. the promotion of the inclusion of clinical informatics in core clinical training to help promote safe, effective and professional standards.

You can see our registration on the Charity Commission website.

The Faculty has a Trustee Board of four initial Trustees who, having taken advice from a variety of sources, steered the Faculty through the Charity Commission’s application process. That Trustee Board will shortly be taking action to augment its numbers by recruiting additional, external Trustees with suitable expertise and experience. In future Council will report to the Trustee Board. However, Council will continue to oversee the day to day operational management of the Faculty while the Trustee Board will provide overall strategic direction,

Becoming registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation will open a lot of doors for the Faculty and should remove many barriers to progress. For example, the Faculty can now in its own right enter into contractual relationships with other organisations to further its objectives and that includes positioning itself to be commissioned to undertake projects and studies.

We now look forward to the next chapter of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics!