Applications for Membership and Fellowship of the Faculty are now open!

Since being established, the Faculty has now grown to a membership of 542 Members, Fellows and Associates. Due to continued interest from potential members, the Faculty has decided to again open up for applications!

Vicky Chaplin, founding member of the FCI Early Careers Group, introduces her ECG Twitter slot

Vicky Chaplin is Assistant Director for Medicines Optimisation at NHS London Procurement Partnership, and Medicines and Prescribing Associate at NICE. She is also a Member or the Faculty and one of the founders of our Early Careers Special Interest Group. Vicky will be manning the ECG Twitter account over the next few weeks and wrote this blog to introduce herself, discuss her roles in pharmacy and informatics, and give an idea of what the ECG Twitter account will be posting over the coming weeks.

Interoperable Professionals and Data

Andrew Davies is a Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and has been involved with medicines-related data throughout his professional life, ranging from managing pharmacy medicines stock management systems to becoming a chief pharmacist. As part of the Lord Carter Hospital Pharmacy Transformation Programme (HPTP), Andrew assumed the position of Medicines Data Lead, designing the Model Hospital pharmacy and medicines metrics, and he is now Operational Productivity Director of Hospital Pharmacy at NHS Improvement.