Founding Fellowship Call: A great response

We are pleased to report that we had an excellent response to our call for Founding Fellows.  By the closing date on June 30th, we had received nearly three times as many applications as we had originally anticipated and about one in five of these were from professions other than medicine.

All of these applications have now been submitted to the Founding Fellowship Panel (FFP), which was appointed by the Shadow Board, to oversee the process of appointing Founding Fellows.  The FFP is chaired by Professor Don Detmer, (Past-President of American Medical Informatics Association), with the support of Professor David Bates (Chairman of the Board, American Medical Informatics Association) as vice-chair.  Full details of the FFP membership can be viewed from here.

The FFP has been charged with the task of assessing all of the applications against the criteria for Founding Fellowship.  Based on those criteria it has been asked to recommend to the Shadow Board which applicants should be put forward for founding fellowship.  The immediate aim is for the FFP recommendations to be ready for presentation to the Shadow Board meeting which is scheduled for the latter half of September.  This may, however, be over-ambitious in the light of the large number of applications received.  Provided that the Shadow Board is satisfied that due process has been followed, it will be expected to approve the FFP recommendations and then go on to appoint the Founding Fellows.  Following that, arrangements will be put in place to bring about the transition to full Faculty.

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