FCI Founding Fellows appointed: The Faculty begins to take shape…

As reported in our August Newsletter we had an excellent response to the call for Founding Fellows.  Subsequently, all of the resulting applications were carefully considered by the Founding Fellowship Panel (FFP), chaired by Don Detmer, and the Panel went on to submit its recommendations to the Faculty of Clinical Informatics Shadow Board.  At its meeting of September 29th, 2017 the Shadow Board then approved the  FFP’s recommendations.  More than 100 applicants were thereby accepted as Founding Fellows. Within that number are included AHP, Dental, Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy and Social Work professionals.   Further details including a full list of Founding Fellows can be seen from here.

The Faculty is beginning to develop some important infrastructure.  We are delighted to welcome Kevin Hunt into post as the first member of staff to the Faculty.  Having started on November 13th, 2017 he is now officially Business Manager to the FCI. This is an important and significant step. Kevin will support the Faculty’s formation as an independent entity. A priority will be to work with the Founding Fellows and Shadow Board and subsequently full Faculty Board to design and develop services for members and fellows.  In further support for that, we will shortly be advertising for a Membership and Communications Officer and further measures have been taken to put the Faculty’s IT and communications requirements on to a firm footing.

What really makes this a very important point in the development of the Faculty is the fact that for the first time we have a sizeable ‘caucus’ of Founding Fellows.  For the first time, we can look to them to become actively involved and take on the further development and establishment of what is, after all, destined to be their Faculty.  To set the wheels in motion we have invited all of the Founding Fellows to an event on November 29th.  This will be an event in two parts.

In the afternoon a workshop is planned with a view to getting Fellows’ views on the governance, structure and function of the Faculty.  Clearly not everything can be decided to a level of detail in a single afternoon but the aim is to start to develop a consensus on the basics so that it will then be possible to follow through to set up the necessary boards/councils/committees, to agree on key Officers so that these can go on to be elected by the Fellows, and to agree on essential work streams.  The aim is to come up with a set of ‘next steps’ that will take us to the point where a full Faculty launch will become possible.  That will be contingent on, amongst other things, achieving the situation where membership of Boards and key Officers on those Boards have been elected by the Fellows.  We anticipate that working groups will be set up to take forward the work started in the workshop in order to work out all of the necessary details of these developments.  The Shadow Board will continue to oversee these developments until such time as both the Shadow Board and the Faculty believe that the Faculty is ready to run itself.

Following the afternoon workshop, an evening Reception is planned.  This will be an opportunity for the Founding Fellows to act as host for key stakeholders, friends and supporters of the Faculty and others in influential key positions who are likely to be very interested in what the Faculty has to offer in the future.

These are exciting times and there is much to be done.  We will aim to keep people informed of developments as they arise by a variety of means including further newsletters here and via Twitter (@UKFCI)