FCI complete Phase 1 of Core Competencies Project and invite feedback

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics have completed the first phase of their Core Competencies Project. We are now inviting key stakeholders, members of the FCI, the wider informatics community and the public to provide feedback on the findings from Phase 1.

The Core Competencies Project (CCP) is a key project that the Faculty is undertaking to develop a methodology for the development of core knowledge and skills-based competencies for Clinical Informaticians (CIs) and the mechanism by which these competencies can be mapped to educational and professional developmental initiatives for accreditation.

The project is made up of three stages, with phase 1 being to: develop, test and define the output core competences required of a professional clinical informatician. The two reports completed for phase one are:

1. Develop and define the professional attributes of a clinical informatician – final report (v1.1) [Report A]
2. Phase 1 Report Validation Study and draft Output Competences for a Clinical Informatician (v1.1) [Report B]

We invite you to provide feedback on Phase 1 in a consultation exercise, which will run from 3 December 2019 – 20 January 2020. You can find further details and download all materials on Faculty website.

This is an important step for the FCI and, we believe, for the profession of clinical informatics. Thanks go to Alan Hassey, Georgina Moulton, Lydia Jidkov, John Williams, Trish Greenhalgh and Mahmood Adil for their hard work on the project, and to Mahmood for generously writing the foreword.