Faculty of Clinical Informatics: Open for Founding Fellowship applications

In our April 2017 Newsletter, we first indicated that we were working on a process for admitting Founding Fellows.   That process has now been finalised and agreed by the Shadow Board and the Founding Fellowship Panel which will handle applications is now in place.  On 03/05/2017, at the UK eHealth Week, Olympia, London we were pleased to be able to make a public announcement that we are now open for applications for Founding Fellowship.  Full details about the invitation to apply for Founding Fellowship can be found under the ‘About’ menu item on this website, or directly from here.  The application form can be downloaded directly from here.

This invitation is deliberately targeted at clinical informaticians who consider themselves to be experienced in the field and it takes us one step closer towards achieving a full Faculty launch.  For a full launch to take place a properly constituted (full) Faculty Board and key Officers need to be in place.  It is intended that the initial Faculty Board membership and Officers will be drawn from the caucus of Fellows that should result from this Founding Fellowship process.  The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is being brought into existence to shape the future of Clinical Informatics; we are now canvassing for experienced Clinical Informaticians to apply for Founding Fellowship and then to become actively involved in that shaping process.

It should be stressed that the selection for this route to Fellowship will be based on past experience alone.  It will only be available for a short period of time and it is expected that thereafter prospective Fellows will be required to undergo some more formal test of knowledge and skills.  The FCI Shadow Board will oversee the Founding Fellowship admission process and both the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Founding Fellowship Panel are independent of the UK and of international renown.

We will not reiterate all of the details of the invitation here but instead, invite you to follow the links provided above and check them out for yourself.  However we would particularly like to emphasise firstly that “applications are open to professionals who have significant experience in informatics and are registered with any statutory body overseen by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA)”, and secondly that to qualify you definitely do not have to be working full time in Clinical Informatics.  Most of us have a mixed ‘portfolio’ of clinical and ‘informatic’ work because that is in the nature of being a Clinical Informatician.   So if you believe that you can contribute to the future of Clinical Informatics then why not check out the criteria and give serious consideration to submitting an application?


Those who are just starting out in Clinical Informatics or who are at the even earlier stage of thinking about taking it up will want to know what the Faculty plans to do for them.  We would reply by emphasising that the Faculty objectives very much remain as stated and include:

  • Developing and putting into place effective processes to support annual appraisals and where appropriate for revalidation
  • Accrediting suitable training opportunities and encouraging their development where these do not currently exist
  • Developing and overseeing the introduction of professional accreditation for clinical informaticians so that they will be confident in their work and be valued for what they do
  • Developing a lifelong career structure and generally encouraging recruitment by making clinical informatics an attractive career proposition

The intention in the near future is to clarify and to publish membership arrangements and where practicable to link these to plans that will start to deliver the above objectives.  Once we have support staff in place we will then be actively canvassing for members