Faculty of Clinical Informatics moves to Shadow Board status

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) has just passed an important milestone in its evolution.  In late March, almost two years from the day when it was set up, the FCI Steering Group voted unanimously to stand aside and make way for the new Shadow Board.  In making this transition we thank those people who participated in the Steering Group and who have not gone forward to the Shadow Board for the time and effort that they have contributed over the past two years.  We would like to point out that in order to retain the knowledge and expertise of these important contributors there are plans to invite them to join a wider Advisory Group to support the Shadow Board in the ongoing development of the Faculty.  We are particularly pleased to announce that Prof Maureen Baker has agreed to take the Chair of the Shadow Board.  We also welcome some new members.

At the last FCI Steering Group meeting on March 21st, 2017 it was agreed that Shadow Board Membership would include the following:

Professor Maureen Baker (Chair)
Chair of International, Royal College of General Practitioners

Mr Gerry Bolger
Chief Clinical Information Officer, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Paul Campbell
Chair of Scottish eHealth Clinical Leadership Group
Consultant Anaesthetist
Clinical eHealth Lead

Mr Keith Farrar
Senior Responsible Owner, Digital Medicines, NHS England

Mr Thomas Hughes
Consultant in Emergency Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital
Hon Senior Lecturer in Emergency Medicine, University of Oxford
Clinical Lead Emergency Care Data Set
Chair, Informatics Committee – Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Dr Cathy Kelly
Chief Clinical Information Officer, University College Hospitals London

Dr Phil Koczan
Clinical Director for Health and Care with the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB)
GP partner, Churchill Medical Centre

Dr Laszlo Igali
Consultant Histopathologist, Norwich and Norfolk University Hospitals NHS Trust
Professional Records Standards Board

Dr Brendan O’Brien
Consultant Clinical Informatics Specialist, Health & Social Care Board, Northern Ireland

Dr Lance Sandle
Consultant Chemical Pathologist, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Karen Selby
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Lead Obstetrician and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Prof John Williams
Professor of Health Services Research, Swansea University Medical School
Director of Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Health Informatics Unit

Dr John Williams
Senior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Surrey
Member of Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Health Informatics Group


Shadow Board – purposes and objectives

The FCI Shadow Board is an interim board set up to provide executive oversight of the final stages of development of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.  Its members have been selected on the basis of their individual knowledge and experience of Clinical Informatics to act as informed individuals rather than as representatives of the organisations to which they may belong.  The intention is that this Board will be nimble and will have the ability to make timely decisions and to take any necessary actions to promote the successful establishment of the Faculty. The Shadow Board will be professionally led and professionally driven but it will work closely with key stakeholders.  Its main objective will be to ensure that all of the essential pre-requisites are in place and then to see to it that the Faculty is launched in a timely and orderly fashion once all of those pre-requisites are in place.  At a professional level it will be answerable to the parent Colleges (RCP and RCGP).  Much remains to be done to translate outline plans into reality.

The top priority for the Shadow Board will be to finalise the details of the process for admitting Founding Fellows so that the building up of a ‘caucus’ of Founding Fellows can get under way.  We hope very soon to be in a position to publish details of this process and to be able to declare ourselves ‘open’ for applications.  A second important priority will be to take on staff to start to develop a supporting structure when funding becomes available.

Although the Shadow Board may have rather more autonomy than the Steering Group it is still not a legal entity.  We can announce three further important developments.  Firstly, arrangements for the RCGP to act as proxy legal entity for the FCI Shadow Board have now been finalised.  Secondly, the arrangements for the RCGP to host the Faculty’s supporting staff are well advanced.  Thirdly, having established the ‘proxy legal entity’ arrangements, it has been possible to draw up and put in place contracts for the very significant funding that has been agreed from the P2020 Building a Digital Ready Workforce (BDRW) programme. We are in a state of expectant readiness.

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity gratefully to acknowledge the funding that has been agreed from the BDRW programme and also a significant donation from TPP.