Faculty of Clinical Informatics: Full speed ahead for election of first Council and Officers

Call for nominations for Faculty Council and Officers

The inaugural meeting of Founding Fellows, held in November at the Royal College of General Practitioners, was a great success. More than 80% of the Founding Fellowship attended and the event had a real buzz from start to end. Our thanks go to the Chairs and Co-chairs who managed the five workshops so well and also to Jonathan Kay for acting as our photographer at the event.

The output from the five workshops has since been collated and will help to shape the Faculty and to determine its earliest priorities. The Governance and Representation Working Group has since done further work and delivered a paper providing options for the detail of the initial structure of the Faculty and the election process to be followed. The January Shadow Board considered that paper, worked through all of the options presented, and agreed all of the details necessary for the election of the first Faculty Council and Officers to proceed. The election will be carried out in two stages under the auspices of the Electoral Reform Society. For the first stage the Founding Fellows will be asked to elect twelve members of Council. The second stage will follow once the elections to Council have been completed. The Founding Fellows will be asked to elect the four Officers, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer from among those elected members of Council who have put their names forward to become Officers. The entire election process will be electronic and conducted through this web site.

We are now calling on Founding Fellows to nominate for these elections. Note that to be eligible Founding Fellows must meet certain criteria and will each need to identify two Founding Fellows to support their nominations; all of the essential details about the election, along with application form, can be reached from here.


Working Groups

At the November meeting the Founding Fellows provided a very clear steer on what they considered should be the Faculty’s most immediate priorities and indicated that these could best be taken forward by three Working Groups. As reported above, the Governance and Representation Working Group has already very quickly and effectively done the further essential work needed to enable our first elections to proceed. Subsequently the January Shadow Board sanctioned the setting up of two further Working Groups under Acting Chairs. The Membership Working Group will be asked primarily to take forward the definition of the initial categories of membership and to propose a fee structure. The Education and Standards Working Group will be asked to take on two immediate tasks. The first will be to look at how the needs for medical appraisal and revalidation guidance can best be met and the second will be to set up a project to collaborate with the Federation of Informatics Professionals and the Digital Academy to determine essential competencies and to work out how these can be best applied to the accreditation of the Digital Academy’s course for CCIOs and CIOs. The aim is to get these two working groups established as soon as possible so that they can get on with the essential ground work and enable the Faculty Council to ‘hit the ground running’ once it has been elected. It should be emphasised that the output of these working groups will be purely advisory. Ultimately it will be up to the Council and its Officers to make any necessary decisions. We will still be very happy to welcome any Founding Fellow, who has not already done so, to express interest in joining one or both of these working groups by emailing our Business Manager, Kevin Hunt.