Election of Council and Officers of Council

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics will shortly be having elections for its inaugural Council and officers of Council.

These following arrangements were ratified by the Faculty of Clinical Informatics Shadow Board on 25th January 2018:

The initial Council will consist of 12 members made up of 4 officers and 8 other members. The four officers will be: Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.
The election will be a two-stage process, managed by the Electoral Reform Service, whereby the initial stage will be for the election of 12 Council Members followed by an election of the 4 Officers. The election process will be electronic and completed online through the Faculty’s website.
All Founding Fellows meeting the following criteria will be able to stand and vote during the election:

  • Have paid the current Faculty subscription. Details as to how to pay subscriptions will be circulated shortly, nomination forms may be submitted in advance of payment of subscriptions.
  • Completed a Declaration of Interest
  • Are of ‘good standing’ with their regulator

To ensure continuity of the Council, tenure will be staggered such that the first officers will serve for three years while the other eight members of Council will serve for two years.

The protocol for standing for Council and for Officer posts in this election will be:

  • Nomination by two other Founding Fellows, who are of good standing with the regulator and have paid their Faculty subscription.
  • A 500-word (maximum) statement as to how the candidate’s appointment would support the development of the Faculty.
  • Statement of willingness to stand or otherwise for officer posts
  • Statement of any conflicts of interest.

Nominations for Council and Officer posts closed on Friday 9th March and a suitable number have been received. Voting processes are now being prepared and Founding Fellows will soon receive voting instructions.